In this article I am finally going to break my silence and dispel the biggest myth in golf. What is that myth you ask?

Simple: That the secret behind hitting soaring drives and generating raw power is generated by the ‘ big muscles’ of the torso and legs. This advice is the single biggest reason for high handicaps the world over. Here’s why:

It complicates an already difficult game, making consistency impossible.It is actually the main cause of a weak and powerless slice ball.And finally this myth causes unnecessary stress on the back and joints.

As a former PGA Professional, bestselling author and one of a few non-scientists to ever be invited to speak at the International Society of International BioMechanics in Sport Conference (ISBS), it is time I put it to bed – forever.

My name is Cameron Strachan and in my heyday I played at the Metropolitan Golf Club in Melbourne. This is one of the most exclusive private courses in Australia and hosted the 2001 Accenture Match Play Championship (won by Steve Stricker) and the 2018 Golf World Cup.

And when I played there I couldn’t let my drives rip on the driving range… because… I would overshoot the back fence. Why? Because my ball carried over 300 yards. Yet I am only average height and I did this virtually every time by breaking almost every rule of golf. Let me explain how I do it (and in a moment I will tell you how you can get the full story on this amazing golf swing). But first …

Imagine you want to punch somebody hard… but… the only proviso is that you must have your arm straight. Try it. You can’t apply any power, right?

If you keep your arm straight you have no means to generate any speed. At best you can generate only 5 miles per hour of speed, and that is if you slide and lunge with your body. If, however, you allow your arm to bend even slightly, you generate massive speed and power.

Now to apply the same concept to your golf swing.

A swing that resembles the straight arm punch means you are never able to produce a swing that gives you great power and distance.

The secret to nailing every single drive off the tee is in the arms! The arms are the major power source in the golf swing. Your body acts as a support mechanism, with the arms (especially the upper right arm for right handers) providing the majority of power.

If, however, you’ve been taught that your body is the main power source (almost all the big name coaches are), you will always struggle to play consistently. This is why the quickest and easiest and most consistent way to get more power from your drives is to use your arms. Go ahead and try it next time you’re out on the range. You’ll be surprised by the easy distance you generate.

But it doesn’t end there…

I’ve uncovered dozens of other areas of the golf swing that need overhauling (and in a moment I’ll reveal how you can – for a limited time – get my latest and updated e-book). Worst still these myths form the backbone of modern golf coaching. For example…

Swing plane instruction is outdated and not beneficial to learning a better swing.(I’ve created what may be the simplest training drills ever on how to integrate the perfect swing plane in your game. And it works like a dream)  X-Factor: turning your shoulders against the resistance of your hips is potentially dangerous.(I discovered a much safer and effective way to generate raw power in every stroke. You can actually get more power with less strain.)  Did you know the majority of downswing instruction is actually the little known causes of a slice? It’s true.(But don’t fret. I have found an easy solution any golfer – no matter how serious their slice – can use to hit the ball straighter virtually every time).  A big backswing and shoulder turn over complicates the golf swing(I generate more power and consistency with a shorter backswing. This gives me greater distance and accuracy. In fact, testing showed that with a shorter backswing I could generate more power and I’ll show you how to do it).  

Yes, it really is possible to incorporate better and more reliable techniques into your game without stress and without frustration. But first, let me tell you about….

How The World’s Smartest Sports Scientists Discovered The Hidden Force Behind The “Perfect” Golf Swing


I helped commission and then was involved in a major scientific study of the golf swing. This was not pseudo science – it was the most comprehensive study of its kind ever undertaken on the golf swing.

This research was the first three-dimensional and full body analysis of the golf swing. The study was conducted at two universities and performed by an international team of bio-mechanic scientists. The research scientists came from New Zealand, Germany and Canada and were all experts in their fields. The testing procedure included:

16 muscle groups tested simultaneously using electromyography.Special electrodes were placed on each muscle group and measured activity during the swing.  Ground reaction forces were measured. The testing subjects were required to hit shots from two force platforms.This helped determine weight shift, foot action and pivot.  Eight 3D motion detection cameras were used in conjunction with a 48 marker reflective system.These markers were placed at strategic points on the subject and club and allowed every inch of the swing to be analyzed.  

Finally, all results were plugged into a precise mathematical model of the human system. This gave the scientists – perhaps for the first time ever – an insider look at what actually happens during the golf stroke and it enabled them …

It didn’t stop there. I then worked one-on-one with the scientists to translate the data into a usable golf swing model anybody can use on the golf course – no matter your handicap or experience (seriously, it’s simple advice that does NOT require a degree in mathematics or biomechancis).

It took over nine months of painstaking research and field testing to carry it out. But we did it! And in the end we were left with a simple and accurate golf model that produces powerful drives… accurate strokes… and consistency on the course.

One independent scientist was so impressed he called it “the golf swing of the future”. The best news for golfers is the scientific team and I created a golf swing that produces the maximum power with the least amount of effort (way less stress and strain on your body). And more important, the swing is transferable to any golfer who wants to learn it! In fact, it gives you a mechanical and mental advantage because it is based on the natural biomechanics of your body.

Based on all this work, I was one of the first non-scientists invited to speak at International Society of International BioMechanics in Sport Conference (ISBS). This is one of the leading symposiums in the world and researchers from such leading institutions as the University of Florida, California State University, University of Stuttgart, Miami University-Ohio, University of Windsor, Arizona State University, University of Sydney, University of San Francisco and many prestigious organizations have been part of it.