It’s Time To Putt Your Best

On the previous page I talked about how Jordan Speith has potentially ruined his game by trying too hard to fix his putting. He’s obviously a very good golfer but he has fallen a long way from his best.

I now want to share with you a story about another modern day golfer.

Please go and read this article. It will only take a minute or so. Then come back. I’ll wait.


Ok, did you read the article?

This is one of the most profound articles you’ll ever read about the putting game.

Brad Faxon has introduced a brilliant learning model to Rory McIlroy. And it seems that Rory has embraced the coaching/methodology because he has again become the best player in the world (at the time of writing this) and done something positive to his putting game.

And it also highlights how simple putting can be. We don’t really need all the theories and technical advice. If we wanted, we could find a way to stand on one leg, with one arm behind our back and find a way to putt with a broom handle.

It’s just not that hard.

The key here is to get away from all the technical rubbish and let our learning system shine. To do what it does best.

And before I introduce you to my process for adopting a more natural and instinctive putting game, I want to get into the most important part of this manifesto.

The following is my greatest discovery and also my biggest regret. But just hang on one more second please.

I want to introduce you to two golfers. They are sort of based on me, but essentially, they could be you, or any golfer you know.

It’s Bill and Bob.

Here’s Bill’s story.

He’s smart, successful and wants to play his best golf. He can hit the ball quite well, but his putting game lets him down. A lot.

He three putts.
He misses the little ones.
He gets so nervous he can’t breathe
He gets anxious
He gets mad
He gets angry

And eventually he will let a few missed putts ruin his score/game/weekend.

Now let’s talk about Bob. Bob is a reincarnated version of Bill. A better version of grumpy old Bill.

Now Bob approaches golf in a slightly different, but highly important, way.

He too is smart, successful and loves playing well. The difference here is Bob is able to bring his A game to the course. And he can do it most of the time, when it counts. And he can certainly putt the ball under pressure (this is despite having a bad case of the putting yips a few years earlier).

Here’s an image that best showcases Bill and Bob. (you can click and see a higher resolution image of this below)

golf putting
Large Image of Bill and Bob (click to view)

To an outsider there is almost no way to spot any difference between Bill and Bob. But to the individual, there will be a world of difference.

Bob has an inner confidence and a knowing. He is confident NOT because he has the perfect stroke or has the best putter money can buy. No. He is confident because he has learned that his learning system is far superior to any other contrived technique or method he has used in the past.

He knows that his game really can’t be helped by a quick fix or some magic pill. He understands that that way of learning doesn’t really exist.

And here’s my greatest discovery and biggest regret. They are the same thing.

What is it?

It’s that I was perfectly capable of putting my best all along. I didn’t need all the rules and theories. I didn’t need to have my putting technique taken apart and then put back together. I didn’t even really need to spend long hours on the practice putting green because my learning system was able to roll the ball along the grass. All. Of. The. Time.

It’s my greatest regret because I wasted years going around in circles, chasing my tail and putting like a complete idiot. I wasted at least 5 years trying to do something that didn’t work for me. I wasted 5 years listening to too many other people and missed out on actually “playing golf”.

But learning this (and applying the principles to my putting) is one of my greatest discoveries because I overcame the frustration of the golf instruction merry-go-round.

I was able to buck the system and learn to putt in a way that worked for me.

I was able to turn my putting game from the absolute weakest link into one of my strongest assets (just like Aaron Baddeley had done years earlier). I was able to putt with confidence and leave the fear behind.

I was able to stay true. To keep putting my way even when I missed a putt or when a playing partner suggested I rock my shoulders while I kept my forearm plane and spine angle at 43.55 degrees to the target line. I just ignored that shite!

I was able to extract from the game every ounce of performance, enjoyment and satisfaction for my talent, discipline and dedication to the game. I learned to putt really well when the heat was on.

I went from being an absolute basket-case to someone who could putt well on almost any day on any course anywhere in the world.

I was able to effectively self-coach and was no longer reliant on somebody else telling me what I had to do (let me tell you, this is a very powerful position to be in)

I challenged the status quo and over 100 years of golfing instruction to become a very good putter.

Let me be very clear:

If your putting game isn’t going as well as you’d like I can almost be certain it’s because you’ve disrupted your natural learning system and have been trying to force your body to putt in a way that it isn’t suited to. You are working against your system instead of with.

I can also be certain that you’re more than talented enough to roll the ball along the grass.

If poor putting has derailed your entire game then you can do something about it.

Please take one more moment to check out this image…

golf putting
Large Image of Bill and Bob

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Good golfing and thanks for reading,

Cameron Strachan
Putting Coach and natural learning expert